Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kampung Pengantin @ Wedding Village

{the newly wed's main table}

{the wedding dais}

 It is time of the year when most couple ties the knot and says the dreaded phrase, “I do”. It is July and July’s bride is full of summer's glow. As usual I received a number of invites and I have to be mindful and careful which invite to accept and which to decline as I could not be at two places at one time. Over the years I have learnt to bite just that much that I could chew. NHA, the groom’s mother, invited me to join the groom’s entourage last Sunday to the bride's wedding reception.

The reception was held at a place which requires a year booking in advance. This is “the place” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is called “Kampung Pengantin” (literally means the “Bride’s & Groom’s Village”- “kampung” means “village” and “pengantin” means “bride and groom”). Kampung Pengantin is situated on a roof top of a 3 storey building. Kampung Pengantin is very breezy notwithstanding that it was held in the afternoon. The banquet hall of Kampung Pengantin was air conditioned and it was very comfortable.

Since we were the groom’s entourage, we were seated right in front of the lovely couple’s main table. The newly weds, their maid of honor and best man walked into the Kampung Pengantin’s banquet hall accompanied by the beatings of the kompang (a kind of hand held drum) and walked up the wedding dais and sat on the two high chairs. The chairs were relatively bigger in size compared to the petite couple. Their parents were seated in front of the wedding dais and observed the obligatory customs and rites of showering the couple with rose water and mixed pieces of fragrant flowers' petals and pandan leaves.

Thereafter they proceeded to the main table and we started to have our feast. The food is simply delicious. The briyani rice is delicious by itself. The briyani rice came with five side-dishes. Among others were beef rendang which I must say that it tastes like the one prepared by my late mother especially during Eid celebration. It is like a traditional “Perak-ian” style dish. The chicken is of premium quality and taste. We practically finished all the dishes that were served to us. Finally we were served with local fruits and white tea.
Now what can I say about Kampong Pengantin? Kampung Pengantin is a comfortable place. It is easily accessible, ample parking and good food. Whether it is value for money,I am not sure since I did not foot the bill. Rumours has it that it is quite costly. Well you only marries once?! Ha! Ha! What flavorful day, the food, the place and the company. I would rate Kampung Pengantin an 7 out of 10 on Acepaizah scale.

wedding hugs & kisses

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